The Helm. 19 August

The walk started in Scroggs Wood, following the road down to the River Kent, then picking-up the footpath that led across fields with the river to the left.

After crossing the river at Hawes Bridge, the road eventually went over the old canal path, where a path then led across a field to Cracalt Farm and then onto the road just south of Natland. Almost opposite, another path led across some fields and onto another road. This went under the railway before reaching the main A65.

Having crossed this road, a path then led-up to the top of The Helm. Rain was in the air at this stage, and I was hoping to get to the top before it got too heavy.

The top was a bit blustery, however the rain did eventually pass. I walked along the ridge for a while, before dropping down to the road that runs underneath The Helm, which I followed north-easterly. This road eventually met a more main road which led past Oxenholme train station.

Just past the station, another path then led across some fields, eventually reaching the A65 again, with a minor road opposite that went into Natland.

From Natland the road took me to Crowpark Bridge, where I joined the old canal path heading north, to rejoin the Natland Road just south of Kendal.

I followed the road as far as Romney Bridge which took me over the River Kent. A footpath then led down the opposite bank. However, further down the path was closed, and I had to double-back slightly and follow a diversion. This eventually took me back to the path and Scroggs Wood.