Brant Fell. 13 August

The walk started near Cleabarrow, just off the Crook Road. It was a really nice afternoon, and we followed the track north. Shortly after the ford, we took a path that led to the road, which we followed a short distance towards High Lickbarrow, before another path took us around some houses and into Bowness on Windermere.

A short walk past the shops and crowds, and we took the steep Brantfell Road, which eventually came to an end and a path started. This was the start (or end!) of the Dales Way.

We took the path off to the viewpoint and then onto Brant Fell, with its own superb views. From the fell, we took the track down to the road, which we followed to rejoin the Dales Way, and eventually back to Cleabarrow.