Gurnal Dubbs. 29 April

This is an extension of an earlier walk, crossing over to Longsleddle before heading back to Staveley.

The walk started near Spring Hag wood, the path leading through the wood which had large coverings of bluebells and wild garlic. The road and track then led past Side House, before turning into a path that led up and on to Potter Tarn.

From the tarn, we continued over to Gurnal Dubs. On the track leading from the reservoir we discovered an adder, which watched us for a minute or so before decided to head into the surrounding grass.

We then took the Birk Rigg track down towards Garnett Bridge in Longsleddle. The path then took us a little further into the valley, until we reached Bridge End. Here we took the path that led back up and over to Brunt Knott Farm in Staveley. We then made our way back to the starting point, passing through Spring Hag wood again.