Halfpenny and Underhelm. 21 April

A mostly fields and tracks walk from the east side of The Helm. We turned off the main A65 at Barrows Green, taking the narrow road to just below the The Helm.

We then took a footpath down to Helm End and across the fields to Halfpenny; here we made our way round to the ford where there was a footbridge across the beck. We then walked along the road, before taking the path just after Stang Wood. This path led across some muddy fields before going through Bleasehall Wood, where some bluebells had started to emerge.

Leaving the wood, we took the path to Low Bleaze and then across towards Blease Hall. From here, the path crossed another footbridge before climbing a small slope and dropping down to Strickley Bridge.

Another path crossed more fields, eventually leading to Underhelm Farm and back onto the road under The Helm.