Wray Castle and Latterbarrow. 21 January

A cold morning with the winter sun rising as we started the walk from Wray Castle on the western side of Windermere.

We walked down to the boathouse by the shore of the lake, before following the path through the trees and to Watbarrow Point with views back towards Ambleside.

We continued around the shoreline, before taking the path, near Belle Grange, that climbed through the woods towards Long Height. If we stayed on this path, it would have taken us to Hawkshead, however, we branched off and headed towards Latterbarrow. Although a relatively small fell, it made up for it with a large “monument” and great views. The high fells had lost most of the snow that had been covering them the previous week.

We took the westerly path off Latterbarrow, dropping down onto a minor road which we followed before taking a path near High Tock How. This path led around Blelham Tarn and onto the road that took us back to Wray Castle.