Holme Fell and Tom Heights. 14 January

The walk started at Glen Mary Bridge, going past Yew Tree Tarn before heading onto Holme Fell via Uskdale Gap. We walked onto Ivy Crag which gave some great views towards Coniston Water, as well as snow-covered fells.

We picked our way down to the road near Hodge Close quarry, where a thick sheet of ice was covering the road.

We then followed the path past High Oxen Fell, before crossing the A593 and taking the Cumbria Way path towards Tarn Hows. We then worked our way onto Tom Heights for more panoramic views across the fells.

Dropping off Tom Heights, we came to the edge of the tarn, before following the path beside the waterfalls and back to Glen Mary Bridge.

The walk was about 5.5 miles.