A Langdale Horseshoe. 31 May

Eight hours of nearly non-stop walking today, with lots of upping and downing of hills. Weather was warm and sunny, but there was a strong wind blowing.

The walk started from the Sticklebarn car park in the Langdale valley, initially following the Blea Tarn road before branching off onto the footpath leading onto Wrynose Fell and eventually onto Pike of Blisco. This route has a number of “scrambley” bits which add to the enjoyment.

From the cairn at Pike O’Blisco I had some great views of the route ahead, including back across to the Langdale Pikes.

I next heading towards Crinkle Crags; there were some great views of the Coniston fells en route. I followed the path across the Crinkles, including the “Bad Step”. Scafell and Scafell Pike could now be seen, as well as the sands of the west coast.

Bow Fell and Esk Pike followed next, before reaching Esk Hause and then heading down towards Angle Tarn. From the tarn I took the north-east path which eventually crosses Stake Pass. Despite a number of dry days this was still very boggy in places.

At the Stake Pass crossing I heading across Martcrag Moor towards Pike O’Stickle. From here the path led past Loft Crag and wound down the south side of Dungeon Ghyll and back to the car. There were some nice views of the walk and the Langdale valley in general on the way down.