Gamblesmire Lane. 28 March

A mid-afternoon start for this walk. The weather was supposed to be dry for the rest of the day so we set of light.

The plan was to walk along Gamblesmire Lane, however to avoid an awkward bit of walking along Underbarrow Road we decided to head up to the “mushroom” on Scout Scar and then walk along the top, going down by the aerial mast and onto Cunswick Scar where we could join Gamblesmire Lane.

To get onto Scout Scar we followed the path that passes Bradley Field Farm

The wind was cold and blustery as we made our way onto Scout Scar. There appeared to be rain clouds towards the central lakes, and we felt that they could easily be heading our way.

The first section of Gamblesmire Lane that took us close to Cunswick Hall, was mainly downhill with a nice, relatively dry path. From this point on, the Lane became very muddy in places. It did however pass through a nice wood. At the end of the Lane we turned left onto the track which took us back to Underbarrow Road. We then walked along the road a short distance before turning right onto Garth Row Lane. Scout Scar was clear on our left behind lots of flowering gorse bushes.

Having followed this nice country lane for a while, we took the path that led us to Barrowfield Lot wood. Having crossed this mixed wood, we next passed Barrowfield farm and then made our way back up onto Scout Scar before heading down to the Brigsteer Road.

Despite a few spits-and-spots, the rain managed to hold off during the walk.

Although mainly on roads and tracks, this was a nice round trip of about 10 miles.