High Pike and Scandale. 19 March

Having parked in Ambleside, we walked up Nook Lane to Low Sweden Bridge. The path then took us up to Low Pike then on to High Pike.

There was a cold wind blowing and the weather wasn’t as bright as expected. Looking further along the ridge, the top of Fairfield was covered in low cloud. A few patches of snow lay near the walls. I was surprised at how boggy this initial section of the walk was.

From near the top of Dove Crag we followed the old fence posts down towards Bakestones Moss. There was a good view towards Brothers Water.

At the path junction with Scandale Pass, we decided to head back down the valley – an initial thought was to climb Red Screes, however this will have to wait for another day.

There was a lot of new tree planting around Scandale Bottom, and the path then comes onto an old lane with drystone walls at each side. Further down the valley we could see the new hydro-electric installation.

We stopped for a drink at High Sweden Bridge, an old packhorse bridge, before heading along the path through the trees. The beck to our right ran through a number of cascades. This nice old path took us back down into Ambleside. By now the weather was getting much nicer, and there was even some blue sky!

The walk was just short of 10 miles.